squirrels taxidermy

I have a dream…

“I have a dream…” speaks a great deal about history, but not just the history of the red and grey squirrels here in Ireland, the history of war, culture and race today, here on earth. The pearls in the bonsai tree are used as a metaphor to represent what goes on in the world on a day to day basis and to suggest the similarities of the animal world and ours. We are always fighting over something, whether it be squirrels in a quarrel over fruit and nuts or the human race in a frenzy over oil and gas.


My sculpture “Wunderkammer”, again, talks about hybridization. It contains many classified elements that could produce a new hybrid or cryptid form. Time is also referenced, the length of time it would take for one thing to gradually evolve into another. The golden hooves on the calf legs refer to the religious story of the “Golden calf”. The piece as a whole demonstrates the battle between evolution and religion.
fox taxidermy

Untitled (Fox)

The fox and wild boar piglet work speaks about survival of the fittest, the cunning fox and the weighty pig. The clever fox, who is claiming to help the piglet with her flying attempts, is actually setting her up for a terrible fall in order to get his next meal. The vein piglet, with her little winged harness, pigging out on marshmallows unfortunately will not get too far in her attempts to escape.