Photography has a big part to play in my work. I use it as a means of documentation and recording process. Sometimes it’s just a stepping stone to another piece of work, but often a separate entity all together. I enjoy working with found objects and often, I set up particular scenarios between the animal and the object. Usually, I don’t use animals that have been taxidermied. Instead I take an animal from my freezer, wait for it to thaw and work with its floppy form.


For me, drawing is so much more than putting a pencil to paper. I enjoy making what I call 3-dimensional drawings. As part of my thought process I combine materials, often animal related materials with found objects, to make particles of work. Sometimes these particles can be turned into larger pieces but are often left as they are. Drawing has always helped me with the realisation of a piece.

The wooden boxes with bird bodies and cast pheasant legs are just another way to talk about new life. The birds are set out in such a way that they look like they are in the process of coming back to life just the same as taxidermy gives a new life to animals.