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You’ve been Served

“You’ve been served” was influenced by the theme of “Picnolepsy”. Picnolepsy is blanking or zoning out, a word first used by Virilio. Virilio’s dromology of media phenomena is a mass condition, a near universal social malady, characterised by DISAPPEARANCES. He describes the physiological condition of PICNOLEPSY – similar to frequent epileptic fits, constant interruptions after which the subject is UNAWARE of the time he or she has lost, the absence is not perceived. According to Virilio we are all picnoleptics, we are all subject to these lapses in consciousness, to these moments of disappearance or ‘absences’. By stating this, he condemns us all to an illness that we are UNAWARE OF.
This information led me to think of the idea of “The Carnivore”, the relationship between ourselves and our food. Do we ever literally think about what’s on our plate? Do we zone out or absence ourselves to the idea that this chargrilled lump of flesh was once a living thing, exhibiting feeling and emotion. The ‘animal’ has disappeared, left it’s body. What we are left with does not half resemble what it once was. “You’ve been served” is a mixed media work. A taxidermy rabbit, paws crossed, ears drooped, sits on a black and white plate with an optical illusion pattern. Black roses surround its body while it hands the cutlery, begrudgingly, to the viewer. This rabbit has no choice but to give himself up.

Taxidermy Rabbit, dinner plate, cutlery, artificial roses



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